Here are the things in which we have found inspiration






Collective Thinking “collective thinking” is a real phenomenon

Royston road project Building Bridges – Sharing Futures

Creative Communities The Power of Individuals Working Together






Exploring Humanity’s Evolving ‘Global Brain’ – Collective Intelligence

The Sharing Economy – Collaborative Consumption


The universe and everything in it,
including us, consists of energy,
and nothing but energy. Although
all things consist of energy, energy
itself is not a thing. It is simply the
inseparable combination of order
and movement. This permits it to
manifest in physical forms, as well
as non-physical forms. In other
words, the universe, and ourselves,
are both physical and non-physical
at the same time.

Because the universe consists entirely
of energy (i.e. order-movement), there
is no such thing as inherent disorder,
chance, randomness or chaos. We
continue to believe that there is, only
because we do not yet have the
information or perspective to see
the order and meaning inherent
in everything.

From: http://www.afternow.co.uk


What role can artists play in the future of our towns and cities? – Situations

Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop – Past, Present & Future: Culture & Heritage in an Independent Scotland


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