1. Value of Collectives (Collective Thinking) WHY

  • • What type of value are we trying to create and why?
  • • Our motivations
  • • Our desired relationships
  • • Collective values

Take references from:
Worldview and cultural policy
Science – eco system & ecology
Community building
Practicing artist
External environment – its relationship to

2. Energies of Collectives (Collective Practice) WHAT

  • • What type of energy does a healthy collective need?
  • • What resources are required?
  • • What to use/refuse and then harness

Take references from:
Creative energy – the need to make
Random and potential energy – unexpected, unpredictability
Financial energy – new forms of it
Collective intelligence – consensus decision-making
Leadership (Governance)
External environment – how can we work with it?
3. Balance of Collectives (Collective Action) HOW

  • • Examine what it really means to be sustainable
  • • At what levels do we use/refuse the resources
  • • How do we balance our values and energies

Take references from:
Adaptive cycle & resilience – capacity to change, reduce damage and recover
Ecosystems/Biodiversity – variation, community, evolution
Responsibility – the balance of
External environment – exchange of balance to benefit both
Collective thinking – focus (the same thoughts)

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