From the Wall of RARB, ideas, quotes and comments from the creative people of Dundee

REPUTATION   — Word implies stagnant perception rather than experience

If people come to Dundee ‘reputation ‘ would be redundant


What would be the outcome be like if the reputation changed but the city didn’t.

Basic stumbling blocks are constantly repeated or too challenging.

Maybe the best ‘art’ provision in the city comes from ‘non art’ structures

e.g. Youth work opportunities, churches, meaningful employment( of which there isn’t much)

In order to write a six point strategy do we need to understand CULTURAL VALUES?

“Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do, strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do”

Sarielly Tasta Kower  –Chess Grandmaster

BLOCK in a system?

( Useful things to have but they seem to block energy or leak energy)


Council inc. CULTURE and Leisure and public art officer

DCA -interactive / complementary programme ( alongside the ‘ exhibitions’)

Are they blocked?

Do they leak?

Do they exist? ( Or they do exist but nothing seems to happen)- no feed back or follow through

Changing attitudes, infiltrating ” policy making ” . Activism and spying.

Dundee-City of action and change


No good at ‘display’ – promotion and archive

“Value is too much of a framework” — Scott Downie AKA Hungry Boy

V+A                                                     City of Culture


Long term economic depression? + Psychological depression ?

These are the uppers

Are they using Culture as a means to an end?

Appropriate management of LEGACY

Achievements done/ learnt in Dundee are not documented well enough.


Achievements wrong. Achievements in the city



( collective vision, our dream, the bigger message )


SOCIAL NETWORKS                                                  MECHANISMS

(Groups,circles,                                                ( social media,galleries,platform,

business to business,                                        Transmedia,policies,collectives)

committee meetings,

friends make buddies)

 MICRO NARRATIVES— people and potential

(you and me)

stories— plots and actions

Engage imagination —– participants


myth, religion

     We need more micro stories