David Snowden
1) For a system to be resilient it must be capable of Dynamic Reorganisation on the fly.

2) Dynamic reorganisation is greatly facilitated by modularity……that means small units that can combine and recombine, or even split off and reform with ease.

3) Managing for resilience means building networked capability BEFORE you need it not WHEN you need it.

4) Critically you need fast feed back loops into decision makers so that they can TIDE THE WAVE OF DISRUPTION.

5) MODULARITY means that a system is capable of swarming and clustering to meet unforeseeable circumstances in real time.

6) SYNCHRONY is a real danger, it is one of the main indications of impending collapse.

7) Diversity, and what I call requisite variety are key. Without diversity, and dare I say it contradiction, a system lacks the capacity to evolve quickly as it has too few things to build on. Conformity and consensus are the enemy of managing under conditions of uncertainty.