We have been working with Charles Lovatt FRSA from the Institute for Capitalising on Creativity at the University of St Andrews.

In response to our questions:

How does a Collective serve the creative community?

How does a Collective formulate its roll within the city’s new cultural vision?

Where can collectives fit, influence and feed into the city’s creative ecology?

Charles is helping Fleet formalise its business and financial models and evaluate its assets to develop its cultural value and leverage future income streams.

The project will feature: 

Analysis of supply-side issues and the current offerings by members of Fleet Collective, including:

 Business systems & physical resources

 Current offering & client list

 Self-assessment of strengths & weaknesses

 Identification of values

 Agreement as to core purpose

 Statement of strategic intent

 Presentation of findings and facilitated seminar

All Fleet members have been involved and taken part in anonymous interviews. On Wednesday (03/01/2013) we meet for a group discussion and we’ll work on drafting statement(s) of strategic intent. Fleet members will try to agree a set of works for ‘high ambition’ and a set of words for ‘modest ambition’. In advance of the meeting, we have to think about some key words that we would like to include? Verbs, nouns and adjectives to describe what we want Fleet to do.

The statement is for internal consumption as something we all agree and which can then be used to underpin a business model.