The about section presents one of the original iterations of the ideas behind this project, a couple months in and its time to look back and reflect. Since discussions, attending and participating in many different activities and workshops it has become apparent for the need to completely break down the original idea.

Taking pointers from the Design Ethnography team we meet at DJCAD: Explore, Focus, Act

Map the baseline 

This project is an open dialogue facilitated by Fleet Collective to understand the city’s creative community, its micro ecologies and its complex fragility.  Why are we asking this?

Dundee’s is home to many different creative groups that have evolved naturally through common interests or created specifically with the goal of gaining and sharing knowledge. However these groups or communities of practice are often disjointed and under supported, resulting in them becoming disengaged or insular, a duplication of resources or short lived.

Its time to move beyond survival.

In today’s climate arts organisations need to find new ways of working and find solutions to the changing cultural and economic climate. We hope to expand on our current working practices and find ways to collectively deal with these changes and find solutions that could be applied to the broader community.

Today’s climate poses a threat. What & Why?

Missunderstood? I’m not sure it is. Studies, research and reports exist in their masses explaining what it is and what it can do – change opinion, ask difficult questions, enhance well-being. Maybe we are just being reshaped to fit into other people’s agendas. Creative Communities not Creative Industry. The old argument still stands – creativity does not exist primarily to sustain the economy.

Stop feeding us corn! The analogy of the farmer.

Its time to rethink Americas Corn System by Jonathan Foley Director, Institute on the Environment. Article here

They made a market out of something that was already sustainable. As a crop, corn is highly productive, flexible and successful, however the corn system is very destructive and inefficient at feeding people.

Its time to go back to basics and relook at the natural process of a creative community.

I call myself a curator, so as a curator what can I do?