Whilst design ethnography and associated methods of field based research
are widely used in industry globally, it can be difficult for small organizations
or community organizations to understand how they might be applied to the
design and innovation challenges they face.

The MSc Design Ethnography programme was launched in 2009 and has
become a globally recognized centre of excellence for design ethnography
education. We have worked with companies as diverse as Intel, Swisccom,
Fjord Design London, SAP, Unilever and Microsoft. Part of our mission is to
develop approaches to design ethnography and field based design research
that are scaled too and manageable by small organisations.

There are two stages to the workshop, stage one is to review the thinking
space and stage 2 is to scope the project in terms field based observational
design research.

Workshop 1: What is the problem: mapping what we think, what we know
and what we should ask.

Format Proposed date: 10th June 2013

Maximum number of participants: 10 (2 individuals from Fleet Collective and 8 collaborators)

Workshop Leaders: Ms Kate Saunderson, MSc Design Ethnography, DJCAD, University of Dundee.


1000 – 1015 Introductions and Orientation

1015 – 1040 1: Fleet introductions to the project space

1040 – 1100 1. 2: Map the baseline with Fleet

1100 – 1110 Break

1110 – 1120 2.1: Mapping motivations and assumptions

1120 – 1130 2.2 Reviewing motivations and assumptions

1130 – 1200 3. Developing research questions

1200 – 1230 Lunch

1230 – 1430 4. Mapping project possibilities

1430 – 1440 Break

1440 – 1530 Discussion: Next steps?