Space and Place, People and Practice

Image: Cultural Enterprise Office website.

On the 20th April we attended the Space and Place, People and Practice conference at Wasps MeadowMill studios in Dundee.  For a full breakdown of the day please visit here.

One of the most powerful things said during the day came from Ken Stratford (East Street Arts, Leeds):

“Every artist working in a studio is one full-time job created in the city”

If we apply this to Dundee we can see that,

  • Fleet Collective has created 18 full-time jobs in the city, with potential for 12 more
  • Tin Roof has created 28 full-time jobs in the city
  • Wasps studios at MeadowMill have 58 studios providing space for up to 100 artists – that’s almost 100 full-time jobs.

Ken reiterated the point that East Street Arts in Leeds has no interest in being a landlord to artists, but rather a body that actively encourages and supports development of practice. By providing artists with space to work, we can retain graduates in the city and by supporting them more will stay – but we need to give graduates a reason to stay in Dundee. Both Tin Roof and Fleet are collectives: groups of individuals working together to achieve greater results. We are buying into Dundee for the long-term.

We are working on a pilot project to support Collectives in the city of Dundee, if you are interested in working with us or would like more information please get in touch using the contact form below.

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